SME Business Club meetings will be organised once in a month at Mumbai and once in a month in other cities. SMEs will get the opportunity to interact / connect with new business partners, suppliers, buyers, investors, private equity & venture capital funds, technology providers, project management consultants & marketing support, new IT services, useful HR services, professional guidance for transformation to develop more business activities and enhancement of business growth, exports, quality productivity and continuity in sustainable growth.

These meetings will also emphasise on bank finance, collateral free loans, new export market, advanced technology, opportunity for international cooperation, inward and outward investment, Business connectivity with Indian and Foreign Companies, finance for Export & Import, Joint Ventures, Technology Transfer, Contract Manufacturing Tie-ups with foreign companies, Import Facilitation, Foreign Direct Investment in SME sector and discussion on various issues related to GST, delay in trade receivables, impact of the NPAs, labour laws, compliances, interaction with various regulatory bodies and other useful segments related to SME sector.

SME Business Club meetings will focus on interaction, networking, presentation, round table discussions, product launch, introduction with investors, overview of products and services, demonstrations, keynote speech, discussion on issues and problems of industries and business sector as well as interface and interaction with bankers, investors, experts, mentors, policy makers, successful entrepreneurs, CEOs of MNCs, financial institutions, corporates, government corporations and Think Tank.